Tips for Curing the Travel Bug During Quarantine

Today marks day #98652316 of quarantine—I think? Though patience may be thin and cabin fevers at an all-time high, there are so many ways people and destinations are getting creative with how to embrace the current environment. Looking for a short-term cure to your travel bug during the COVID-19 quarantine? Check out some things that I've found helpful below:

Give Yourself a View

If you are lucky enough to still be working from home, take advantage of being able to "transport" yourself anywhere in the world. Youtube is full of beautiful high-definition videos that last for hours. I typically opt for a mountain lake scene or somewhere with waterfalls. Be sure to click the settings button and change the video quality to 4k (or 8k on some of the newer videos) for a scene that truly transports you somewhere else. Here are some of my favorite channels for background escapes:

If you don't have a screen, you can find plenty of nature-filled soundscapes on Spotify to play in the background. Searching "Ocean Waves for Sleep" is a good place to start.

Engage with a Destination Virtually

Check out your local destination marketing organization—or one from the place you want to go! With travel on hold, a lot of these groups have been getting creative with ways to bring their destination to YOU virtually. I have been eyeing up the Discover Puerto Rico website which has a page dedicated to "virtually visiting"—live events and virtual tours, soundscape videos, recipes and even salsa dancing classes can be tapped into.

These sites also have tons of resources for planning future travel and fantastic recommendations for local experiences. It's a perfect time to start dreaming up future plans. Some other great sites I've been admiring:

Share Experiences... in a Different Way

One of the pleasures of traveling is getting to share your experience with others. Whether that's bringing home souvenirs, posting pictures of your time, sending postcards or recommending must-sees and dos—there is a lot of fulfillment in extending your travel adventures through sharing.

In a similar way, it can be gratifying to share your new quarantine experiences with others as well. Come across a new recipe? Share the wealth! Pick up candle making? Make some to give as gifts. Reading more than ever before? Start a virtual book club. Have bottles of wine that are sitting around? Host a virtual wine tasting. Get creative with how you can bask in "new" experiences, even while cooped up at home.

Reminisce Over Past Trips

Bring on the nostalgia. Rather than get too stuck in the past, try using this time to turn your travel memories into meaningful keepsakes. That could mean finally putting together that photo album with prints and ticket stubs—or may I recommend printing a photobook from Shutterly or Parabo Press. Maybe it's sending an Inkcard with a travel photo to a friend and writing, "Where to next?".

Etsy is a great place to find/create unique travel keepsakes. After our family's Alaskan cruise in 2019, I customized a map of the stops we'd taken using this Etsy shop. It's a timeless memento.

Collect Inspiration

With so many places in the world and endless beautiful destination photos on the Internet, it can be easy to get lost in them. Start a "Future Travel" Pinterest board or a similar collection category on Instagram for saving inspirational posts. They will serve as great spots to reference when the time is right to start thinking about that vacation again.

Any other ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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