BTS: Let Go, Let Blow.

Updated: Mar 26

Hmm, let go. More like hold on. Hold on because the hike up to this point was steep man. Dramatic? Maybe, but this destination was no walk in the park and there were multiple instances where I near slid back down the “mountain” if it weren’t for some conveniently placed tree roots.

Who took this photo of me gazing oh so thoughtfully at the ground? My good amiga, Meg, of course. Having her as my travel buddy was one of the many lucky things that happened to me in Ireland. Who painted “Let Go” on the cross that sits on top of Bray’s tallest hike? Who knows, but unfortunately it was painted over with something else the next time I was there. Regardless of how unglamorous the journey up to the top of this hill was, this photo still gives me serious feels and nostalgic smiles.

Side note: Bray is actually a small beach town not too far outside of Dublin. We were here in the winter so the place was near deserted but beautiful even more so.

Lol, hey Meg.

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