Behind the Scene: Sorrento's Coastal Cliffs

Updated: Feb 16

Here I descend into the port of Sorrento, Italy - birthplace of limoncello and very near the famed Amalfi Coast. Mount Vesuvius is in the distance across the Gulf of Naples. I have a local artisan Italian dress in my aquamarine shopping bag alongside a bottle of limoncello. How much bluer can that water get, and are those houses along the cliffs even real? Not much and yes, respectively. Scenery and gnocchi in my belly aside, this trip was not all butterflies and rainbows.

My post “The Nut", takes place during this trip! One day later, I was racing up the side of this cliff while my body swelled and an allergic reaction was closing my throat. Fascinating story now that I’m alive and well. So while yes, this photo is near picture perfect, I have some unpleasant flashbacks that come along with it. Plus, my shoulder kinda hurt carrying my fake Longstreth bag.

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