Behind the Scene: Long Island Windburn

Updated: Feb 16

Montauk, NY. The very tip of Long Island, past all of the Hamptons. A hidden gem at its finest. This place is overflowing with state parks and dramatic coastlines. Downtown Montauk itself doesn’t compete, but rather compliments its surroundings by being a laid back, charming and quirky surf town.

Dillon (my boyfriend) and I stayed in Daunt’s Motel, a family run and homey place next to both the shore and the main street with restaurants and shops. We had come up for the weekend because we were feeling bold and wanted to take some January surf lessons. Bummer because our days in Montauk were met with a lake-like ocean and temps below 20. Nonetheless, there were endless places to explore and take in the natural beauty.

Gin Beach was listed as one of the best places to watch the sunset so off we were with a blanket and a bottle of wine. Gin Beach also happened to have wind so strong and so cold that this is actually what our faces looked like during and after.

Literal tears.

The realest windburn.

Multiple times I said, “Can the sunset be over yet?” LOL. I couldn’t feel my body. Dillon was brave at first, but soon joined me in my non-stop verbalization of how freezing it was. We didn’t even drink the wine because the thought of taking our hands out of our pockets was too painful.

However, we stuck it out. And I got this awesome, wind blown picture out of it and Dillon was a total trooper. Worth it. But can’t wait to watch when you can actually feel the suns warmth.

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