Behind the Scene: A Closed Colosseum

Updated: Feb 16

The story behind this photo makes me sad, yet it's too funny to really care.

When in Rome right... right?! Ahhh, the Colosseum. The absolute icon of Rome. A treasured piece of ancient history first built in the year 72; completed in 80. Each year more than 6 million people visit this spectacular site. Not these girls.

No, in fact, we had fully intended to tour the Colosseum and appreciate it for all its beauty and worth. We - we being Meg and me - purchased tickets at the beginning of our one day in Rome, deciding to save this visit for last. It would be the cherry on top of our Rome-filled day. That was until we decided to check the closing time en route there. It was at that moment we realized we'd missed our chance to tour the site. Rather than sulk, we took this opportunity to have a full blown photoshoot from all the Colosseums angles - David the travel buddy included. Next time, Rome.

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