Hi, I'm Geena

Hey! I finally created this space for my memories and adventures to have a home. And you're here. 1. Awesome. 2. Welcome. 

I'm Geena Bevenour. That turned to Geen-bean and eventually to Bean, hence Bean There. You've stumbled upon my space where I share my travel experiences, both near and far, and hope to inspire you to explore.  


Saying no to an adventure is not my cup of tea and I tend to seek them out not only far, but also near, in my own backyard. My optimism keeps me light-hearted but has also been known to lead me into trouble -- i.e. trusting strangers who pose as taxi drivers. A story for another time. I prefer to be outdoors and crave lookout points. Water has a gravitational pull on me, whatever form it takes - oceans, rivers, lakes, snow. Catch me there. Or in the car looking for blue spots on Google Maps.   ​

I'm so happy you're here and hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into my adventures - the things that make life worth living! 

xoxo, geen

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My path to loving travel was unconventional. Let's be real tho, there's no wrong way to grow to love it. Read more on my path here

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