I'm Geena...

... and that's me. Having a good time in negative degree temperatures and high winds. How can you not suck it up for a view like this?  

Welcome to my space where I share my travel experiences, both near and far, and hope to inspire you to explore.  


Saying no to an adventure is not my thing and I tend to seek them out not only far, but also near, in my own backyard. A natural optimist (9 out of 10 days), I love to laugh, am energized by the company of others and always enjoy a good coffee with a view. I prefer to be outdoors and crave lookout points—especially if those lookout points include bodies of water. 


Right now I am a nature girl by heart, city girl by choice, having recently moved to Washington D.C and loving exploring the unique neighborhoods and endless Instagram-worthy row homes.   ​

I'm so happy you are here and hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into my adventures. I'd argue it is true that... the more you experience in life, the more you are able to offer others.